The insider’s guide to Master Bedroom interior design

Secrets of best master bedroom interior design

The Master bedroom is an English term. In an apartment that has more than one bedroom and the room bigger in size should be used as the master bedroom. The Master bedroom is a large room with most amenities like a washroom, an extra seating area, etc.
It belongs to the head of the family member. It can be identified within the apartment with its design status. you can find a master bedroom in most homes in your surroundings.
Peoples are fascinated with the master bedroom. They want to design it in a unique way for their status symbol and to upgrade their standard of living. It is one of the important rooms of the house to be designed very attractive and in a unique way.
Here follow the complete guide to designing a master bedroom and the best interior room of your home.
  • Room Size

The room size of the master bedroom should be considered before you assign a name to it. A thumb rule to decide this is just to assign a room that is bigger in size to any room in your home.
The size of a room should not be square in any case. All rooms should be in a rectangular shape for better planning and designing.
There are different size categories for the master bedroom which should be taken into consideration. while deciding the size of the master bedroom for your home.

Small size

9ft X 11ft will be treated as the master bedroom for small apartments. In this size, you can work out the least need for a master bedroom.
You can easily place a bed with side tables on both sides, a TV unit and a wardrobe for your use.
medium size master bedroom design

Average size

13ft X 16ft is the best size for a master bedroom in a construction size measures around 2000 sqft.
You can easily accommodate a Queen-size bed, a big TV unit, and a reasonable size of wardrobe for your use.
budget master bedroom interior design

Luxury size

15ft X 22ft is the best to size to be considered for the master bedroom in your luxury villa. To enjoy most amenities for your life fulfillment.
You can arrange the complete elements of today’s market need to master bedroom in this size.
You can accommodate a king-sized bed, console study table, dressing unit, a big section of wardrobe, informal seating area for 4-5 persons within this size in luxury dimensions.
After deciding the size of the master bedroom. now move to the next important step for master bedroom interior designing.
  • Furniture Layout

Furniture layout is the most technical and professional job. A professional with experience, make out best from the allotted space.
After the decision on room size, this is an important step to proceed. you have to layout your room first before proceeding to any design. The layout must be as per room size and need which you wish to fulfill.

Layout procedure

Here is a process of how can you make the best layout for your master bedroom. following the process will be easier and time-saving task for you.
  • To start with, place bed on the longer wall of the room, as the bed is essential to be placed in the right position. the bed should not be visible from the entry door.
  • Then place both side tables as per size available
  • Then place the wardrobe against the wall having windows to allow natural light.
  • Place TV unit in front of the bed with its center.
  • In leftover space plan a seating or couch for informal seating.
This procedure will help you up in designing your room in a better and efficient way. Your bedroom must be as comfortable as possible.
You can achieve so by placing each furniture in the right place of use.
There will be enormous options for the same size as the master bedroom as per your need.
So choose the wise and best layout of your room to make it look elegant. Here is a list of essential furniture for the master bedroom.

Checklist of Furniture

The bed plays an essential part in your bedroom designing. The bed should be select wisely as per your bedroom size. There are different sizes available for bed.
The minimum size of the bed in the master bedroom should be 54″ X 75″. It would be good if you go for a queen size bed i.e. 60″ X 80″. The best size for the master bedroom is king-sized bed i.e 76″ X80″.
Even, beds can be customized to different heights as per design. The best height which provides a higher level of comfort is 18″ from the ground with mattress.
It can easily vary from 16″ minimum to 24″ on the higher side as per design and storage requirements.
The higher the bed height the more storage is available with you.
Bedside table
The bedside table is of vital use for users of the room and enhances the interior of the master bedroom. It is essential to put a bedside table on either side of the bed in the master bedroom.
The minimum size of the master bedroom side table should be 1.5ft X 1 ft.
It can go up to 3 feet in length as per size available on the side of the bed. Depth will go up to 1.25ft in proportion to the length of the side table.
Height varies with the height of the bed but the recommended height should be 15″.
It can vary from 12″ minimum to maximum of 21″ in height as per bed height.
TV unit
The TV unit is generally placed in front of the bed for entertainment purposes. but the design of the tv unit complements the interior of the room,
A TV unit is a piece of essential furniture to balance the design in the room. It is a strong element placed against the bedside.
It also provides space to place design elements and storage as per design. The size of the TV unit depends upon the bed and other elements.
Generally, we take the length of a TV unit equals to the bed width and height up to the height of the door. This is the ideal size for a Medium size master bedroom. It varies with the size of the master bedroom.
Bedroom bench
 The traditional piece of furniture placed at the end of the bed to enhance the interior design. It fills up the gap left between the bed and tv unit to nominal size.
It is generally put to provide extra seating and storage in front of the bed as the length of the room provide space.
Master bedroom wardrobes are essential as well as a vibrant design element in the room. You can not avoid this element while designing your bedroom.
There must be ample cupboard storage within the master bedroom area for the users. It is recommended to have a walking closet attached to the master bedroom. It may vary as per space available within the room.
There must be at least 70 sqft of wardrobe storage in the master bedroom. It will go up to the area of 300-350 sqft to complete today’s trend luxury.
Breakfast table
This furniture set is to meet the luxury of the master bedroom as per the size of the room.
You are recommended to have an informal seating area or a breakfast table in the room. It should provide seating of around 2-5 people in the room.
It can be arranged by a set of sofas or chairs and having a center table between to serve items. This area can be used for breakfast or for discussion between the owner of the room informally.
Dressing unit
Dressing unit is generally a part of the walking closet in the master bedroom.
due to space constraints if the room is not having a separate wardrobe area dressing unit must be placed within the bed area of the room.
It generally contains a full-size mirror. Storage for users to get ready and a settee for seating purposes.
Designer Console
This is a low height furniture table placed against a blank wall to highlight it effectively. Required designer legs or decorative elements at the bottom all open.
The top is generally of marble and filled with designer elements like plants.
Study table
It added a style to the room with usability. A dedicated study table is a luxury requirement for a master bedroom to fulfill all requirements.
It helps the user to arrange their important documents in the workstation to work.
After deciding the list of furniture to be placed within your room as per requirements. Now you have to design a good layout to make the best arrangement for the furniture.
It will be a time taking process but all design will be based on this process only.
so patiently do this process to make the best layout for your master bedroom.
After this, you are free to choose a theme of your choice to design a master bedroom.
  • Design theme

Designing a master bedroom on a particular theme based adds personality to the room. It adds character to the room and also shows the personality of the room owner.
Every room should be theme-based. It will add a particular character and style to the room which enhances its look to the next level.
It will be good for the master bedroom if you design with a cozy style and cool colors to it.
There are some design themes that you can use when designing your master bedroom.

Modern theme

This is the most popular theme nowadays in the market. People love to design master bedroom modern theme based. This theme based on a very simple and unique style.
People in the city have so hectic life every day due to their working and job schedule. As the evening arrives they eager to found peace and coziness to recharge themselves.
The best place is their personal room and the modern theme is the best solution for those people. There are some criteria to design the room according to this theme:-
  • You should use natural and bright colors to cover the walls and ceiling.
  • you must avoid elements that reduce the size of the room visually.
  • Take in natural light as much as possible in your room with big windows.
  • Maximize the use of basic colors like white, cream, beige, etc
  • You can use fine tint and tones color for furniture and accessories.
  • Simple design elements to be places are the main essence of the modern theme.


Vintage theme

Vintage is a lookalike tradition theme and liked by very few people but in trending style.
People with love for classic cars and are inspired by tradition love to go with this theme.
  • You can use classic design elements e.g. vintage wall art with a heavy frame.
  • Neutral colors to cover walls with a pinch of rustic and old fashioned metal design elements e.g. a Brass wall clock.
  • The use of antique designer furniture like luggage looks vanity table or study table in your room.
  • you must use long and heavy accessories in the room to give it a perfectly matching look e.g.crystal doorknob.
  • Use old wooden headboard for bed back or highlighting wall.

Contemporary theme

While you start designing your room in a contemporary style it will be a bit difficult for you to start with. This theme is based on the looks that currently in vogue.
This theme shared a vast variety of design range. your main focus in this theme is to design a room clutter-free.
Some of the major points you can consider when designing a room is:-
  • You must use earthy and wooden family elements in this theme.
  • Use color palettes of white, grey, and black with a touch of pure contrast color like red, orange, etc.
  • Clean design elements with lines to be used, should not be complicated with different shapes within a room.
  • You must add textures with the play of furniture to give it a glamourous look.
  • Design elements must be sharp and of fine metals e.g wall mirror with glass and metal frame.
  • you must think of cool, calm, relax when designing a room with this theme.

English Theme

People who used to visit other countries are used to influenced by their culture and living style. This style of the bedroom also came from there only.
This theme depicts the culture and living style of English countries. so. firstly you have to be aware of the English theme concept and ideas behind the interior. here I gather some main ideas for you:-
  • You should use Floral upholstery or wallcovering
  • A rich collection of design elements to be used e.g. momentos.
  • warm textures to be used with warm coverings over door and windows.
  • Use nature color palette to paint wall and ceiling
  • Ceiling exposed like the old wooden structure of their time and culture.
  • Wall and ceiling covering with moldings.

Now, you have to choose them which suited you best before making further decisions.
Many factors are depending upon the choice of your theme. Choosing a particular theme is purely a personal choice and taste.
All theme looks best in their own unique way. so, choose the theme as per your character and status.

Vastu plays an important role

A bedroom is a place for you to relax and retire after long working hours of working. You need a sound sleep to gain energy for the next day. Basic Vastu implication will help you up.
Some of the laws which can be easily followed are:-
  • The rectangular shape of the master bedroom is highly recommended by Vastu in the proportion of 1:2.
  • The size of the master bedroom must be bigger than the other rooms.
  • The perfect direction for the master bedroom is South-West.
  • The Master bedroom must be occupied by the owner of the house.
  • Avoid entrance from the south wall in the master bedroom.
  • The south-west corner of the master bedroom should always be occupied.
  • Never put plants, aquariums, or other life forms in the master bedroom.

Design Elements

Here are some design elements which are used by you to balance your design theme. These elements are used to add life to the interior and to connect the owner of the room with the interior.
These elements add up in the beauty of the room and you can fill up the blank spaces with these elements. Some of the elements are:
  • photo frames
  • Bedding
  • Nightstand
  • Wall artifacts
  • Wall Clock
  • Looking mirror
  • Book
  • wall Murals
  • Extra-large wall art
  • hanging lights
  • Artificial plants
  • upholstery selection
These elements will help you to give the final touch to your bedroom in a better way.


After the furniture layout for the room, you are left with circulation space for the room. This space is always visible to you and must be treated with proper material.
In the master bedroom, you have options to design flooring in a unique way. You can either cover the floor of the master bedroom with a single material to keep it simple.
Or you can with flooring patterns by differentiating in flooring materials.
You can differentiate the flooring between the bedroom and the informal seating area. If you have a good size of the master bedroom.
There is always a drop of 12mm in attached toilet flooring so that water has controlled circulation. Bathroom flooring must be separated from room flooring.
Different type of floorings which are recommended for master bedroom flooring are:-
  • Complete Italian marble clutter-free flooring.
  • A mix of Italian and wooden flooring for luxury room size.
  • Complete wooden flooring for a unique interior.
  • Tile flooring is recommended for cheaper options.
  • Indian marble is a good option.

False ceiling

The false ceiling plays an important role in affecting interior design.
It is one of the elements which is always completely visible by naked eyes from any corner of the room. So you have to take proper control over the false ceiling.
The basic of designing a false ceiling is to design it with corresponding to furniture only. Otherwise, it will create mental disturbance in the mind of the user.
There are some basic techniques that you need to consider to design a false ceiling without any hurdles. These techniques will help you to get the best ceiling design from your furniture layout:-
  • Put fan over the center of the bed leaving 2/3 distance from the wall of the bed head.
  • Keep ceiling simple with straight-line work as the room is already filled with design elements.
  • Provide a separate ceiling fan over the seating area if the room is bigger in size.
  • Use concealed lights to keep ceiling clutter-free.
  • Put hanging light over both side tables to add style.
  • You can put hanging light in the corner of informal seating for style.
  • Use a maximum of 2 different materials in ceiling complementing to your design theme.
  • Never go for a chandelier in the master bedroom.
  • Use fewer lighting fixtures in the ceiling as a large number of fixtures disturbed the user’s eye.
  • Finish the maximum area of the ceiling by paint and use the second element for 10%-15% only.


Now all secrets of best master bedroom interior designs are revealed to you.

You are ready to design the best master bedroom interior design.

Following the above-mentioned process and techniques, you are a perfect design for a master bedroom in a perfect and easy way. All important and necessary steps are taken to proceed in a great way.

So, design your room and let other people mark it as the best bedroom interior they had ever seen in life.


If you are facing any problem. please, mention in the comment box. I will feel happy to help you.

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