The ultimate guide to Feng shui your bedroom

Complete guide to Feng shui your bedroom is key for your success

A bedroom is the best place in your home which completely belongs to you and your choices only. A bedroom is a place where you feel relaxed after the whole day of the hectic schedule.

Tips and tricks of feng shui for bedroom!

The bedroom is also important for you to feel cozy and spend time with your partner and be getting ready for the next day.

So, it is important to design and balance your bedroom in a perfect way as it will affect your mood and performance in all aspects of life


What is feng shui

Feng shui is a Chinese traditional concept and term. This concept is 3000 years old.

In the word, feng shui itself resides a big meaning. “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. Both are important factors for your good health and fortune.

This concept is derived from Chinese culture and the main purpose of Feng Shui is to use and optimize natural energy in such a way that it will harmonize a person with its local surrounding nature and environment.

What are the basic principals/elements of feng shui

Feng shui consists of five elements which need to be used to attract energies for your fortune:-

Tips and tricks of feng shui for bedroom!


This represents the natural trees and plants in the bedroom you can use green color or indoor plants to incorporate this element.


This represents the fire energy to enhance power in your life. red color can represent this element.


The earth element represents stability and honor. Brown color and natural elements like a wooden bed and furniture will represent this energy.


Water represents flexibility and inspiration. so blue color and water aquarium enhances this element.


The metal element represents solidity and firmness and metal made elements in the bedroom will enhance this easily.


Benefits of feng shui for your bedroom

If you believe in natural energies on nature god then you will definitely develop faith in feng shui as this represents the balance of natural energy for the benefit of your health and fortune.

In feng shui, energies are optimized with the help of local objects and furniture in your local habitat so that it will help you in the development of your health and fortune.

So, to improve your personal and mental health free of cost you can use feng shui in your bedroom.

Effective feng shui helps you up in various ways some of them are:-

  • Sound sleep
  • Clutter-free mind
  • Fewer relationship quarrels
  • Innovation thinking
  • Mental stability
  • optimize energy

Read this to design your bedroom easily.

How to feng shui your bedroom

There are many ways and design elements through which you can feng shui your bedroom in an effective way to optimize and balance natural energy for your benefits:-

placement of your bed on the right wall

Placement of bed plays an important role in the feng shui concept.

The bed should be placed along the solid wall in the bedroom that symbolizes stability and power to your mind.

how to feng shui bedroom

Bed’s placement should be as far as possible from the door and it should not be in the line of the door opening.

As otherwise, positive energy will flow out of the room through door.

Avoid placing the bed against the window wall or any depressed wall as in result it will result in loss of positive energy and stability power.

The bed should not be placed under any heavy depression in the ceiling like beam structure.

If the bed is placed under the wrong position then you would suffer headaches or bad sleep throughout the night and it will affect your performance daily.

Make habit of decluttering

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation not a place of mental exercise.

If your room is clutter-free then it is easy for natural positive energy to free flow around you that will provide you sound sleep and positive energy.

how to feng shui bedroom

Clutters within your room and under the bed will promote evil energies within the room.

Keep your closet and room in a well-organized way so that you would have control over all objects in your room and have progressive energy in the bedroom.

So, go and place your bed properly right now.

create bed headboard

A good solid headboard of the bed provides you stability and support in your life virtually.

This will help you in promoting your big and positive thoughts. The bed headboard should be fixed to bed properly.

The headboard should not be in the design of bars otherwise it will give a feeling of prisoners and depressive feelings.

I think you would surely want to avoid it.

place pair of things

In feng shui, you should always use a pair of design elements. Like a pair of night light stand on each side of the table this will help in creating balance within the room.

Using pairs in your bedroom helps in providing the feeling of equality and balance in you and your life partner.

This will enhance your relationship and brings happiness between you and your partner.

This is the best solution to put a stop on the couple’s quarrels and to stop their relationship issues.

Art speaks deep meaning

The artwork is an essential design element for your bedroom. You may be an artwork lover but you need to be careful to feng shui bedroom

While choosing artwork or painting for your bedroom you should consider some point so that it will bring positive energy to your bedroom.

  • choose artwork that brings joys and happiness on your face.
  • Choose a painting that brings a view of pair for your eyes in the room.
  • paintings that bring depression should be avoided.

Now you need to place your loved artwork at the right height.

As it should not be below eye level or at a lower level, below 5 feet from floor level.

The plant brings no harmony

Plants are the best friends of nature and humans as well.

how to feng shui bedroom

Plants are the symbol of earth and great energy. they release and absorb large amounts of energy in your bedroom.

There fore, it is suggested in feng shui to avoid indoor plants in your bedroom. As they may disturb your mental growth as well as disturb the natural flow of positive energy in your room.

You must use other sources of greenery in your room like the use of green color.


Balance your colors

Colors plays an important role in fluctuating your mood and flow of natural energy at the same time.

So, choose wisely the theme of your bedroom.

Vibrant colors will promote a high level of energy which I think you don’t need in your bedroom at least.

So always go for a neutral theme in your bedroom which brings calmness, relaxation, happiness, and coziness in your room. Best colors for the bedroom are:-

  • white
  • cream
  • light brown
  • beige
  • chocolate color

Cool colors help in creating overwhelming nature which creates a positive atmosphere within the room automatically.


Boycott technology

Gadgets are nowadays are as essential as air for us in our daily life.

But to have a good sleep and innovative thought you must need to avoid electronic prone items in your bedroom.

Gadgets release a high level of electromagnetic energy which not only reflects negative vibes but also affects our body organs still when not using them.


Bring natural light in

Now here comes the other play of natural elements for you.

You should bring in natural light in your bedroom to add life to your bedroom.

Morning sunlight brings positivity and energy with it, so try to bring natural light in the morning time.

Try to design artificial light in a such way that it spreads equally all around the room and there must not be any dead corner in your room.

Dark corners provoke negative energy and will disturb positive energy to free flow.

Do not use vibrant color light shades in your room like red, orange, or purple. colors like white, off white, must be the main color tone for your bedroom lighting.

Store books out of your room

Book reading is one of the best habits for personal and professional growth proved by researches.

how to feng shui bedroom

If you are a bookworm then you are keeping lots of books with you in your room.

That is not a good symbol in the language of feng shui.

Books related to work must be kept outside your room and you must not have a bookshelf in your room.

As the feng shui concept says books have active energy round the clock and this will hinder your sound sleep.

So right now think and shift your bookshelf to other rooms if you are a facing problem of sound sleep.

I am not saying to put all books out of the room. just keep your current reading book in your room and put all other books to another place.

I know this brings a smile on your face.

Add softness in the room

While designing furniture or selecting any accessory for your bedroom design try to avoid sharp and edge cutting shape in your bedroom.

how to feng shui bedroom

Sharp shapes disturb mental health and give a feeling of hardship and roughness.

This in result brings your mood depressive and sad. sharp corner depicts arrow and this promotes negative energy in feng shui.

Free-flowing and curvy shapes bring and add smoothness within the room. this allows the free flow of positive energy throughout the room.


Avoid mirror

A mirror is one of the most reflecting elements in the room. It reflects energy with a double rate and may increase the level of energy in the room.

This will make you disturb sleep as the room gets overcharged. So, avoid mirrors in your room.

If still you want to place a mirror in your room then try not to put it in the line of bed at least and cover the mirror when you are not using it to reduce its effect on your life and mood.

Avoid blue

In feng shui in not to do list water element came to first position.

You must avoid water elements at any cost in your bedroom though water symbolizes financial growth, this is not a good element for a bedroom.

Try to avoid anything related to water like painting, aquarium of use of blue color in your bedroom.

Basic of Feng Shui tools in the bedroom

There are different tools used to measure and balance feng shui for a particular space. These tools will help you up in making your bedroom feng shui friendly easily and effectively.


Most important tools for feng shui are as mentioned under:-

  • Bagua Map for home

It is an energy map used as a tool in the feng shui concept. It is one of the most used principal tools in feng shui.

Bagua itself is a Chinese term if we elaborate we get “ba” means eight, and “gua” means area. So, it represents important eight areas of life on which we need to give attention.

Bagua map basically is a representation of nine blocks with their associated colors and meanings related to your life and the center box represents you surrounded by life areas.

Now you have to choose the top priority of your areas on which you need to give attention.

Do not try to focus on all areas at a time as you will not be able to handle all those requirements therefore choose a maximum of 2 to 3 areas of most important for you right now.

Then place the Bagua map at the entry point of your home to define all areas of the home.

This is how you can use the Bagua map for your home feng Shui effectively.

Bagua areas use and application

  • Family zone

Significance: growth, strength, vitality, and stability

Elements: wood

Color code: green and blue

Location: East

Implementation: add plants, add vertical items like long lamps, add family photos

Number: 4

  • Wealth & health zone

Significance: abundance and prosperity and sense of gratitude

Elements: wood

Color code: purple and gold

Location: Southeast

Implementation: add things for which you feel grateful and thankful for

Number: 5

  • Helpful people zone

Significance: getting around the world and making new relations, make things work for you

Elements: metal

Color code: Grey and pastels

Location: Northwest

Implementation: add photo and artwork of people you honor

Number: 6

  • Children zone

Significance: a sense of joy, openness, and discernment

Elements: metal

Color code: white and light pastels

Location: West

Implementation: add ideas of achievements or completion as well as circular shapes.

Number: 7

  • Knowledge zone

Significance: cultivation of knowledge, skill-building, contemplation

Elements: Earth

Color code: dark green and blue

Location: Northeast

Implementation: symbolizing study, stillness, contemplation like books or study table

Number: 8

  • Fame zone

Significance: your integrity and wish to be known

Elements: fire

Color code: reds

Location: South

Implementation: lighting, candles, red items or triangular shapes

Number: 9

  • Career zone

Significance: represents the journey of life and career

Elements: water

Color code: Blacks

Location: North

Implementation: artwork and items about water, glass, and mirrors

Number: 1

  • Partnership / relationship zone

Significance: represents your relationship and nurture yourself

Elements: Earth

Color code: pink

Location: Southwest

Implementation: add things in pair and items represent the pink color

Number: 2

Now your call to take action

Feng shui is a belief of mind and body. If you believe in this you must follow feng shui and follow rules. The results will be in front of you soon.

Try simple tricks and tips for Feng shui.

Feng shui rules are simple to implement in your bedroom.

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